Are you unsure how your profile fits into the German job market?
Do you need to prepare for an interview?
Are you looking for firms which deal with your home country?

Get in touch. We are building a network of experts who can advise.

The 3 reasons why we like to coach you:

Save your time on those individual questions which cannot be covered via online research.

Give you a better start by sharing our job market insights. 

Learn about your challenges so we can develop  solutions which serve your needs.

The Process

1. Request

When you contact us with a coaching request we look into your specific needs.

2. Proposal

If we find somebody suitable in our database we provide you with a profile of the coach and an offer.

3. Appointment

To accept the offer you get in touch with the coach and schedule the first get-to-know call (20-30 min). This call is there to get a better understanding of your needs and define the next steps.

4. Invoice

The invoicing works as follows: The get-to-know call is invoiced upfront at €25. For further calls we charge from €59,90 per hour – depending on your needs and the rate of the coach.

Coaching starts at


per hour

Request a coaching offer
  • What was great is that you didn't just look at the application - but at me as a person and the best opportunities where I could fit in. It was really helpful to have you as a sparring partner.  

    Jan Student in Media Management