Do you sometimes feel that the job search process is a hurdle race? We help you to win it.

We have interviewed successful professionals from abroad in Germany. And created a training based on their success recepies.

Our trainings are usually offered in groups of 5 – 15 participants. You can register with a group of friends or individually.

Success Factor #1

Professional Network

Are you struggling to define your target positions?
Are you trying to build up a personal network and find mentors?
Looking for tips on social media use during job search?

This module helps you to get started. Understand how the German job market works. Define your objective. Create a personal network. Leverage it to build up industry expertise and find a job.

Build your network


incl. Network Builder tool & checklist

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After this training you will be ready to:

Certain types of companies are particularly interested in hiring qualified candidates from abroad. Learn who they are.

Your qualifications might open up various avenues for job search. We help you to identify them.

Job ads are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many opportunities which are not advertised. Learn where to find them.

Use our network navigator tool to analyse and expand your network.

Approaching somebody you don’t know is not easy. It is even harder in a foreign language. So this is mostly about practice. Let’s find out how you can make a good impression.

You have 20 minutes and sooo many questions? Let’s practice getting out the most of a first conversation – possibly including a follow-up.

We focus on three deliverables:

  • How to create a convincing personal brand
  • How to use professional social media at every stage of the application process
  • What is appropriate in the German business context

Even if you don’t work in a particular industry, you can use various channels to build up industry expertise and learn about challenges and priorities. We provide you some hacks to get started.

Get started

Success Factor #2

Customized Application

Are you just starting on your application?
Is your current application not getting you the interview invites?
Are you unsure how to position your skills in the German job market?

Let us help you to get it right. Learn how to create a targeted and customized application which stands out. The target is to get you an interview invite.

Create a great application


incl. individual feedback & checklist

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After this training you will know how to create a great application. We focus on:

Understanding a job ad is the first step to creating a customized application. We help you to read between the lines.

The application letter is your one chance to convince the recruiter that you are the right candidate.

Our application letter template helps you:

  • to create a great layout
  • to set-up the right structure depending on the type of your application
  • to save a lot of time researching formalities

Our step-by-step guide gives instructions on:

  • creating an exciting introduction
  • presenting your capabilities in the best way
  • customizing your letter according to company and position
  • dealing with formalities like the entry date
  • possibilities to indicate your salary expectations in a diplomatic way

Recruiters receive hundreds of applications. A well-structured, informative and easy-to-navigate CV can help you to stand out.

However, structure and design depend on many factors including your professional background, industry and the type of application. Based on a questionnaire we send you a template which suits you best.

In addition, you receive a step-by-step guide with tips and tricks on how to make your CV:

  • Concrete and easy-to-navigate
  • Understandable for a German recruiter
  • Customized to the company and the position

In Germany it is common to also attach certificates (“Zeugnisse”) to your application. These can be from school, university or past employers. Many companies directly ask you to attach certificates to the application. But there is no need to attach dozens of documents. Our step-by-step guide shows you:

  • how to create a simple-to-navigate and elegant package
  • which certificates to include
  • how to deal with certificates in a foreign language

Job ads are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many opportunities which are not advertised. Learn how to write a customized speculative application.

We focus on three deliverables:

  • How to create a convincing personal brand
  • How to use professional social media at every stage of the application process
  • What is appropriate in the German business context

Success Factor #3

Convincing Interview

Are you invited to an interview?
Did you already have interviews and would like to review your performance?
Or would you like to prepare for interviews in advance?

This is a hands-on training: prepare, practice, receive feedback, practice again.

We want you to feel save in the “real” interview.

Succeed at the interview


incl. preparation checklist

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Receive professional feedback on:

Learn about the 10 questions asked in most interviews. If you prepare in advance you will master them easily.

Many times German recruiters ask you to tell about your CV. They are looking for the “red line”. We practice to tell your personal story in a concise and convincing manner.

We practice eight different interview scenarios. Examples include situational interviews and stress interviews. After the training you will know how to react in different situations.

We look at structure scenarios – so you know what to expect in an interview.

Interviews are hard even in your mother tongue. Of course, they are even harder in a foreign language. Jointly we prepare expressions and replies which can help you during the interview.

The training is an excellent opportunity to receive feedback from trainer and peers. Body language tends to be a big part of this as it is tremendously important throughout the interview. You will also learn tips and tricks how to appear secure.

We talk about etiquette: dress-code, handshake, drinks, “Sie” or “du”, punctuality, follow-up,  … anything you want to know.

How do you negotiate a good salary? Can you ask about home office? Is the number of vacation days negotiable? We discuss a suitable approach to the “tough” questions.


Application examples

There is no one size fits all solution. Jointly we go through the steps of creating an application for you which addresses industry and role requirements. Below we present some examples to give you an idea on how different applications could be.

  • "Thank you! My application looked very professional - short, catchy and with clear links to the desired position. I directly received interview invites."

    Oren International Sales Manager
  • "The review really helped me to brand myself and bring out my strengths. I feel more confident now."

    Irina Business Student
  • Germans are perfectionists. A good and customized application helped me to open many doors.

    Jacob Senior Analyst
  • "The application review was very analytical and concise. It really helped to identify the weak points in my CV. I can directly build on the feedback to improve my application."  

    Stefan Master Student in Health Economics
  • What was great is that you didn't just look at the application - but at me as a person and the best opportunities where I could fit in. It was really helpful to have you as a sparring partner.  

    Jan Student in Media Management
Anna MargolisTraining